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Protect Your Home With A Copper Chimney Cap
While everyone loves a warm cozy fire, it is very important to be responsible with the upkeep of your chimney. Taking proper care of your chimney will prevent major problems down the line. In order to effectively protect your flue, a chimney cap is vital to the safety of your home and investment. 
There are many factors that you have to protect your chimney from. The effects of harsh weather can be devastating. When rain combines with coal soot, a sulfuric acid is formed which can eat away at the walls of your flue, making it a less effective way of ventilating your home. In addition, the effects of sulfuric acid will eventually cause irreparable damage to your chimney flue, making it necessary to be replaced. This can be a very costly repair.
Rain can be the harshest element to your chimney. When it comes down the flue, it mixes with the soot and creosote and can cause terrible odors and a deterioration of the flue walls. In addition, rain and snowmelt can enter the cracks of the chimney flue and freeze, causing the cracks to expand. Also, if water gets into the flue, it can leak into the stovepipes, furnace or fireplace causing rust and a terrible mess.
A properly installed chimney cap will also protect your flue from animals. When animals get stuck in your chimney, it can be a very troublesome manner and cause high-levels of distress.  Furthermore, if you have a good cap over your flue, you can prevent your home from potential roof fire. A cap and screen will stop fire from rising up and spreading to your roof.
While the necessity of a chimney cap is apparent, deciding on the material is just as important. In order to protect your investment, opting for copper is your best choice. Copper is the most durable and substantial material. It does not rust or corrode as does steel. It also has a life span of up to 100 years, therefore you will not need to replace it anytime soon. It is without a doubt the most logical material to use for a chimney flue because it is fire-resistant. This characteristic will protect your home to the greatest degree.
Using copper for your chimney cap is also a far more stylish choice. Copper can be fashioned in numerous styles. Therefore Copper Works Canada can help you choose the best style of chimney cap that will match accordingly to your home’s visual aesthetic. Call today to pick out the right style for your home.

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